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About BBP company

JSC “BBP” – is a viable enterprise engaged in the wood and wood products trade in Lithuania and European Union countries. Active, forward-looking and open innovation company staff always offers customers high-quality wood, fast and quality service.
Most of the production is exported to France, Belgium and Holland, while the remainder is exported to other EU countries. Each client is equally important for our rapidly growing company, so we always offer the best quality and price ratio.

Our products:


1.       Pallet timber: standard sizes are listed on “Pallet timber” page: non-standard sizes thickness starts from 14 mm, width starts from 60 mm and longest length is 6000mm. Pallet timber usually is softwood (spruce, pine) and hardwood (alder, birch, aspen, etc) or mixed wood, softwood and hardwood together in one package. We also offer second quality standard sizes.


2.       Pallets: usually produced from a mixed hardwood first or second grade, less- of softwood. We offer various sizes and types of pallets:

-          single pallets (trays): 1200x800; 800x600; 1200x1000 and others;

-          CP pallets are produced for chemical industry. There are nine different types of CP pallet: CP1 pallet (1200x1000), CP2 pallet (1200x1200), CP3 pallet (1140x1140), CP4 pallet (1300x1100), CP5 pallet (1140x760), CP6 pallet (1000x1200), CP7 pallet (1100x1300), CP8 pallet (1140x1140 and CP9 pallet (1140x1140). CP pallets can be marked or without marking, with HT heat treatment, or without HT treatment. HT Heat Treatment means that during the drying process the temperature of wood in the middle of piece was reached +56°C and kept for at least 30 minutes. This way treated pallets has HT (heat treatment) mark and is marked together with IPPC, ISPM 15 logo.

-          Euro (EUR, EPAL) pallets are widely used in Europe. Their sizes 800x1200x144 mm. Their size is defined by CEN standard. Euro pallet producers must get EPAL (Euro Pallet Association License) to produce that type of pallets. This organization takes care what timber and what kind of nails are used in pallet production.


3.       Construction timber all sizes (longest 6000mm)

-          Beams cut of logs. Widely used for wooden houses. The simplest way cut timber. Beams usually can withstand heavy loads.

-          Roof rafters- houses constructions usually have rafters.

-          Other construction timber

-          Also our company can offer dry and calibrated timber according clients request.


4.       Planed wood:

-          Dry and planed boards

-          Profiles of various sizes for interior and exterior decoration.

-          Terraces of Siberian larch with smooth and wavy surface.

-          Floorboards.


We have recommendations:


1.                   Good service, prompt and timely delivered products. And will continue working with this company.  Signed by: JSC “Trys beržai“

2.                   We are very pleased with the quality of wood and good prices. Signed by: JSC “Kamajai

3.                   Excellent stuff, quick with all the necessary information. Pallets are high quality. Signed by: private enterprise “Translota - Nemokamas lankytojø skaitliukas